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"I consider myself to be a College Puzzle Strategist. I offer guidance and support in finding the "YOU" piece of the puzzle that will ultimately be inserted, not only into the application...but in life."


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As a college-bound student, or the parent of one, an exciting and amazing journey awaits! Choosing a college is one of the most important decisions a teen will make up to this point in his or her life. With over 4000 wonderful colleges and universities, and the many variables involved, the search process can seem overwhelming and often confusing. Competition for colleges has increased over the years, with applications outnumbering available spots at many of the top universities. BUT...where do you fit in? And how are you going to figure it out? 

students-on-huge-bookCollege Search Strategies works with every student on a one-to-one basis to identify possible "match" colleges based on the unique talents, interests and strengths of each student. With guidance, the confusion and uncertainty become manageable, like understanding how the pieces of a puzzle come together. The student feels empowered and able to navigate the application process with confidence. The goal for every high school student-freshman, sophomore, junior and senior-is the successful matriculation to a college where that student will thrive.

College Search Strategies works closely with all aspects of the college search process. Alleviating much of the stress that can occur for busy students and their families while promoting family harmony is one of our goals. Providing a safe and protected place to work, good listening skills, and working to complement and support the high school college counselor's program, College Search Strategies aims to help each student solve his/her own college puzzle, while enjoying the process!

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college-search-strategies-face"I am so grateful that you helped me see the place where I truly belong!"
~SB, CalPoly SLO

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