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Highlight: New York University

nyu-welcome-centerQuote from a current New York University student: "I think when applying to NYU, you have to be sure that you feel okay taking an extra half-step into the real world that most other college students don't have to take. It's definitely not a traditional college experience and even though there's no football team and technically no campus, it's unmistakable that Washington Square Park belongs to NYU students. It may be a little bit more difficult to create a life and sense of community but the school offers so many opportunities - academic and social - so you just have to make a conscious effort and not be passive.

One huge advantage that NYU students have is the exposure to countless internship opportunities. NYU offers summer housing and living in New York is a great way to spend the summer while preparing for plans after graduation.

I love going to NYU and couldn't imagine going anywhere else. For me, it's hard being away from the city even just for winter break. Also, who else gets to say that they graduate at Yankee Stadium or that the Empire State Building gets lit purple just for their college graduation?" Mia S, current student

Sometimes a student gets an idea that he/she wants to go to college in a city, and not just any city: The Big Apple. What exactly does that mean? There are many choices, but the top three or four include Columbia University on the Upper West Side, Fordham University Lincoln Center, the Fashion Institute of Technology in midtown, and New York University in Greenwich Village. They're all very different, but let's talk about NYU, one of the most popular private universities in the country.

NYU is basically located in Greenwich Village but classes, dorm rooms, and the life of the NYU student covers a lot more ground than just a block around the well-known gathering place of Washington Park. While there is no true campus, how fun is it to go to a university with the city of New York as your own? It requires dedication, work, and desire to adjust to such a life and to be successful outside of the academic challenges.

NYU has an undergraduate student population of 19,401. There are 11 schools and colleges for undergraduates to choose from, with locations around Manhattan! And if Manhattan isn't your thing, you could consider applying to an NYU campus in Abu Dhabi or Shanghai!

When you apply you will want to know under which college or school the likely major of your choice is found, whether it's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development, or Tisch School of the Arts, or the Leonard N. Stern School of Business, or the College of Arts and Sciences (to mention a few).

stern-school-of-business  silver-center-for-arts-and-science  new-york-university 

Getting in is competitive! The average SAT is 650-730 per section, the average ACT is 29-31, but there are more than 230 areas of study available to undergraduates once you're in! It's an exciting and challenging place to go. Study Abroad is very popular, with more students going abroad than from any other American university. Graduation rates vary, 78% graduate in 4 years, 85% in 5... but to graduate, you know you have to come back for your sophomore year—and 92% do just that. (It's called sophomore retention rate.) –and NYU's is a good number!

Be sure you make a visit, as there is no other university like it, and it is one you will likely love if you want the college-in-city experience. The application can be submitted through Common App, as NYU is a member, and there is Early Decision available for the student who is ready to select NYU as "the one!"

Good luck! An adventure waits!!