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Highlight: Trinity University

San Antoinio, TX
2300 undergraduates

Trinity University

Trinity University is a small residential college in a big city. Located in Historic San Antonio and only an 1 hour south of Austin, it is a top private undergraduate institution recognized for its superior academic quality and outstanding faculty. It offers a traditional liberal arts education with a curriculum that allows a lot of flexibility and exceptional professional tracks, like a 5-year Accounting degree in the Business program, and hands-on Electrical, Chemical and Mechanical Engineering programs. The Computer Science major offers special studies in AI and Cyber Security and research opportunities. And Communication majors have a choice of specialties in TV, radio, film and social media. STEM programs offer undergraduate research that can begin as early as the summer following freshman year. With 25 departments and 49 majors, there is a lot to choose from as a student at Trinity.

25-30% of the students double major yet still graduate in 4 years.

A unique program is the Languages across the Curriculum where students can take courses in other World Languages. For example, an Art History class can be taken in Italian and Economics is offered in Chinese!

Outside the classroom students are involved in Division III sports, music (students don’t have to be majors to participate!), debate, art, theatre (there’s a Broadway connection!)—and Community Service.

With generous merit scholarship, the wonderful active campus, close personal relationships with professors, and terrific academic opportunities, Trinity University may be a great college to consider as you consider your future!