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What I can do:

  • campus life quadYes, I can meet with the student as many times and as often as we choose.
  • I can help create a college search plan, including:
    • planning college visits
    • practice and preparation for interviews
    • follow-up activities (thank you notes, etc.)
    • timelines
    • deadlines
    • test prep referrals
    • standardized test recommendations and registration
    • financial aid/scholarship guidance
    • current university admission practices and trends
    • facilitation of the relationship and communication between student and school counselor/adviser
    • essay brainstorming and writing strategies
  • I can help the student carve out a niche of colleges that may be appropriate for application.
  • I can make suggestions for the next step.
  • I can work collaboratively through your student with the high school college counselor.
  • I can explain to the best of my knowledge how the college admission process works.
  • I can offer guidance in understanding the scholar-athlete recruiting process and communication.
  • I can offer guidance in creating a personal and/or athletic resume.
  • I can offer guidance and referrals for creating a portfolio, film and audition preparation.
  • I can review and offer support with the application essays.
  • I can help with the Waiting Period from application to decision. "Senioritis!"
  • I can help analyze offers of acceptance, deferral, financial aid and wait-list decisions.
  • I can have daily/weekly contact with the student beyond the face-to-face through texting, email or phone calls.
  • I can bridge communication between parent and student.

What I cannot do:

five-studentsI cannot replace the high school counselor. However, I am able to spend more time with the student on many college search aspects than the high school college counselor may have. High school counselors generally carry larger client loads along with other school responsibilites. I work with no more than 10 sophomores, 10 juniors and 12 seniors annually.

No, I cannot guarantee results.

No, I cannot make a student do anything. The motivation to step up and lead the way toward his/her future is the student's job. But, I can cajole, jostle, encourage and offer suggestions.

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What Parents Gain...

  • Confidence that your teen is making the necessary steps toward college
  • Knowledge that essays and applications will get done!
  • Questions Answered
  • College Trip Planning and Recommendations
  • Timelines
  • Academic Advising and Review
  • Strategy for SAT/ACT schedule
  • Experienced Athletic Recruiting Support
  • Portfolio Review and Referrals
  • Support and Advisement
  • Communication
  • A more secure, less-stressed member of your family!

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