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moving-truckWhether your teen is a freshman, sophomore or junior, it's not too early to begin! The Private One-to-One Sessions include planning a personal timeline, developing a list of colleges unique to your child and family, identifying dreams, academic and life goals, passions, interests and abilities, personality mosaics, interview practice, building confidence, essay brainstorming, resume writing, standardized test schedule strategies, college sports recruiting support, and/or preparing for the Arts. Also, you can get questions answered, identify what might be important to your teen and you when searching for a college, and create an initial list, or clarify an existing one. Alleviate some of the stress for you and your teen during this important time while "keeping it real."


  • To create excitement and self-knowledge to assist in the process of identifying colleges that could be places for the student to flourish and grow in the years ahead.
  • To create a unique list of "fitting" college choices that meet personal, family, idealistic, realistic and academic hopes and dreams.
  • Darling Dorm RoomTo assist the student through questions, exploration and discussion in identifying his/her personality and the qualities that make him/her one-of-a kind.
  • To identify what is important to him/her in the selection of possible colleges.
  • To offer support and information regarding colleges, careers, testing, essay writing, resume writing, school visits and more.

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What Parents Gain...

  • Confidence that your teen is making the necessary steps toward college
  • Knowledge that essays and applications will get done!
  • Questions Answered
  • College Trip Planning and Recommendations
  • Timelines
  • Academic Advising and Review
  • Strategy for SAT/ACT schedule
  • Experienced Athletic Recruiting Support
  • Portfolio Review and Referrals
  • Support and Advisement
  • Communication
  • A more secure, less-stressed member of your family!

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