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How I Work

Students SkiingI work with each student, in cooperation with the parents and family, to discover colleges that might be of interest. Together the student and I exam parameters of colleges and universities, browse websites, identify academic and personal strengths and weaknesses, as well as career interests.  Which colleges to investigate further, and ultimately place on the "college list" takes time and effort. Your teen will be ready with a "final", yet fluid, list by Fall of the Senior Year, as well as be ready to take on the applications! 

I suggest students visit as many colleges as possible, either locally for type (urban, rural, small, medium, large, private, public, etc), and/or in regions around the State or across the Country that are of interest. Timing of the visits depends on the student and family.

I meet with the student as often as he/she is comfortable and as I feel is needed to accomplish our goals. I also meet with parents as needed or desired.

Updates, and parent meetings, are available so that you can be confident that the process is moving ahead in a timely fashion.

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What Parents Gain...

  • Confidence that your teen is making the necessary steps toward college
  • Knowledge that essays and applications will get done!
  • Questions Answered
  • College Trip Planning and Recommendations
  • Timelines
  • Academic Advising and Review
  • Strategy for SAT/ACT schedule
  • Experienced Athletic Recruiting Support
  • Portfolio Review and Referrals
  • Support and Advisement
  • Communication
  • A more secure, less-stressed member of your family!

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"Nancy Wigley possesses the patience and skill to help any student navigate the college admissions process. She keeps pupils focused and responsible for completing the tasks necessary..." ~Carol and Mark

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