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CSC - Student

"Nancy really helped me when I was applying to college during my junior and senior year. I started to go see Nancy at the start of my junior year and we discussed what I was looking for in my college experience. She knew so much about colleges, such as schools in the size I wanted and the types of students there.

Nancy was a great help because she knew many things you could not just figure out from a college website or book. After going through the type of college I wanted to go to and the possible majors I was interested in, we started looking at colleges that fit the model of I wanted, and which were in my ACT/ GPA range. She found colleges I had never thought of considering.

All of this help was amazing, but where Nancy truly helped me the most was in my essay writing. She spent hours helping me craft my essays into masterpieces which contained all my original ideas, but in a much clearer way.

With Nancy's help I was able to get into my first choice college and feel comfortable and not stressed through the whole admission process."