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Teri - Parent

"The college counselors at our son’s high school are all very knowledgeable and good at their jobs but we couldn’t help wondering if we should get additional help.  A friend suggested Nancy Wigley so we contacted her and decided to meet.  We then encouraged our son to meet with her and he came home enthusiastic, declaring he wanted to start working with her on the college process.  Beginning in the Spring of Junior Year, they met twice a week and he looked forward to his sessions each time having accomplished another hurdle in the college application race.  The greatest benefit to us was that Nancy took away the constant struggle between parent & child. Among many things, she focused on narrowing his search and was instrumental in honing in on topics for his essays.   He applied early to the college of his choice and we never felt the need to pressure him.  After receiving his acceptance Nancy continued to work with him to prepare him for college life freshmen year.  He commented to us that working with Nancy was time well spent, because she gave him the individualized and personal attention he needed to guide him through the process. Our son is now off to the best college for him!"