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Testimonials Testimonials

MA & Scott: Parents

Thank you so much for guiding our son through the college app process. He really enjoyed working with you. And, we really loved that YOU absorbed our stress!! We look forward to him making a decision soon! Thanks to you he has choices!!

JT: Student

Thank you so much for helping me through the college process. Many times you have talked me off the edge and helped in ways you cannot imagine. Thank you for being a great listener counselor and guide. I couldn’t have made my decision without you!

CN: College Graduate

I truly appreciate the love and support I have received over the years. Your advice and guidance sparked my transition into transferring from Foothill to completing my Bachelors’ degree at SJSU! To say you are my supporter and friend is an understatement!

LL: Student

You helped me so much throughout the past year and I am going to my college of choice because of you. I couldn’t be more excited! Thank you for everything! I’m looking forward to sending you lots of pictures from college!

RM - Student

Thank you so much for all of your guidance over the past couple of years. Whether with regards to college-or even life in general-you were a wonderful resource for me. I especially enjoyed knowing you were in the audience listening to my Senior Speech. Your support meant a lot.

I am so happy with the way my college journey worked out in the end and really appreciate the role you played in helping me get there. I will keep you posted on how things go next year!

Jim and Bryn: Parents

We wanted to send you a note to thank you for being such an incredible and invaluable resource to our son and niece this past year. Your advice, guidance, positivity and calm, organized approach made the college application process an exciting and stress-free period. We greatly appreciate all of the time, energy and effort you put into getting to know both of our seniors. Your help in creating their college lists and perfecting their essays was so very beneficial. Thanks to you they are both going to be attending their dream schools this Fall.

We also greatly appreciate your willingness to take on our niece so late in the college application process. It meant the world to her (and us!) that you really took the time to guide her and get her focused on the college path. Your kindness is something we'll always remember! We feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to have our children get to work with you.

KH - Student

Without you my college application process would've been a nightmare. Everything was so much easier knowing someone who is more than willing and capable of helping me was just a text away. Thank you for the your continued support and encouragement. I know you will continue to be just a text away if I have any questions. Good luck with your new batch of students, they are very lucky!

Looking back to a year ago, and looking where I am now, I could not be happier with where I've ended up. I'm already being challenged. I've learned so much in just 8 days of classes. Thank you so much for all your help, I appreciate it a lot! 

Amanda - Parent

I can't quite believe both girls will be off to college in the fall. We could not have gotten through all the application process without your guidance and support. The girls loved working with you. It made the whole experience for them and us very manageable.

AA - Student

Thank you so much for all the help you gave me with the whole college process. I never would have looked at the university I've decided to attend if it wasn't for you. You really made the college process so easy!

LT - Student

Thank you for all the hours you spent helping me get into college! I know people say this a lot, but I seriously could not have done it without all your help.

Karen - Parent

We are so glad we turned to Nancy Wigley for assistance in helping guide our son through the college admissions process. We were looking for someone who could collaborate with a science minded student who wanted to apply for engineering. Nancy was the perfect choice.Her style is highly collaborative and our son really enjoyed the time he spent with her. Nancy really took full ownership of making sure things were on track and completed with time to spare before all of the deadlines. I highly recommend Nancy!

JP - Student

After my first meeting with Nancy, my college application process quickly turned from stressful to exciting. Her extensive knowledge of colleges along with her passion to help the kids she works with makes for a overall fun experience. I would always arrive to my meetings with Nancy excited to continue the process and then leave motivated to go home and work. She helped me learn more about myself so I was able to make important decisions for my future that I was confident and thrilled about. Nancy was a blast to work with and has created a environment which makes the college application process something that everyone should look forward to!

AG - Student

Nancy completely changed the way I thought about college applications. I had always heard how stressful and hard it was to apply to college, but Nancy made the whole process easy. She really encouraged showing what was important about me in my application and not just saying what colleges would want to hear. With her help my application really reflected who I was and was something I was proud of. Nancy is kind and relatable, and it felt like going over college apps with a friend. 

Elaine - Parent

Nancy Wigley’s professional insight was invaluable in helping our son to structure his applications so that he came alive through them.  Nancy is so knowledgeable about what is happening right now in the college app process that she was able to view the apps from a college admission point of view and give great advice. 

We had gone through this process eight years ago with our older son, and it seemed like an eternity ago.  So it was comforting to hear from Nancy what she had just heard or read or seen at a conference that was totally relevant.  When the applications were submitted, we felt completely confident that Cody had put his best foot forward in the most current way. 

CK - Student

Mrs. Wigley helped me to go beyond the one dimension I was planning to present in my applications and paint a broader picture of who I am.  When she asked, “What else?” it forced me think about going beyond just presenting the skills I thought the university would be interested in and present a more well-rounded view of myself.

The result was so much more interesting!  I absolutely believe this made a difference in how my applications were viewed.  I got into my top choice Early Decision school, and I had also previously received a positive response from my #2 school. 

Teri - Parent

"The college counselors at our son’s high school are all very knowledgeable and good at their jobs but we couldn’t help wondering if we should get additional help.  A friend suggested Nancy Wigley so we contacted her and decided to meet.  We then encouraged our son to meet with her and he came home enthusiastic, declaring he wanted to start working with her on the college process.  Beginning in the Spring of Junior Year, they met twice a week and he looked forward to his sessions each time having accomplished another hurdle in the college application race.  The greatest benefit to us was that Nancy took away the constant struggle between parent & child. Among many things, she focused on narrowing his search and was instrumental in honing in on topics for his essays.   He applied early to the college of his choice and we never felt the need to pressure him.  After receiving his acceptance Nancy continued to work with him to prepare him for college life freshmen year.  He commented to us that working with Nancy was time well spent, because she gave him the individualized and personal attention he needed to guide him through the process. Our son is now off to the best college for him!"

MMK - Student

"Mrs. Wigley helped me identify colleges that could be right for me. Starting with the search, we discussed location, size, academics, and everything I thought would be important.

She helped me stay organized with the applications and essays, making sure that everything was turned in on time. She cleared my confusion with application details, and helped me write essays that really represented me. I was confident with what I had written when I submitted my application.

When the deadlines came I was ahead of my friends in the writing and submission process, and was able to focus on my school work. Working with Mrs. Wigley's guidance took the stress out of the college process, and I got into my first choice college! "

Annie - Parent

"Nancy Wigley could not have been a better fit for my son Jeff. She listened well so she really got to know him, and was right on in terms of which colleges might be a good match. As a result, Jeff was able to identify and be admitted into his first choice, a university we had only heard of before.

She spent a lot of time with him, with consistency and follow up. She also got to know Jeff way beyond just academics. She has an ability to get teenagers to open up, which is no easy task. And perhaps most importantly, one of the best results was that I was out of the loop!

I would recommend Nancy to any young adult ready for college, and already have."

CSC - Student

"Nancy really helped me when I was applying to college during my junior and senior year. I started to go see Nancy at the start of my junior year and we discussed what I was looking for in my college experience. She knew so much about colleges, such as schools in the size I wanted and the types of students there.

Nancy was a great help because she knew many things you could not just figure out from a college website or book. After going through the type of college I wanted to go to and the possible majors I was interested in, we started looking at colleges that fit the model of I wanted, and which were in my ACT/ GPA range. She found colleges I had never thought of considering.

All of this help was amazing, but where Nancy truly helped me the most was in my essay writing. She spent hours helping me craft my essays into masterpieces which contained all my original ideas, but in a much clearer way.

With Nancy's help I was able to get into my first choice college and feel comfortable and not stressed through the whole admission process."

Tracy - Parent

"In a perfect world our kids would be able to navigate the college application process entirely on their own, but this is one of those areas where our world is not perfect, and it is a ridiculously complicated undertaking.

So, we as parents, with the best of intentions, roll up our sleeves, enter all the application deadlines in our computer, and try to "help" by managing the process. It doesn't work.

Nancy was able to gracefully and gently assist our son in navigating his way through this. He had total ownership of all his decisions and felt a great deal of pride in what he accomplished. We got to be cheerleaders instead of task masters and were thrilled to be able to celebrate his success.

I highly recommend Nancy. She is organized, thorough, and professional, but also has the tact and patience to allow the student to be the engine in moving toward their goals."

Carol and Mark - Parents

"Nancy Wigley possesses the patience and skill to help any student navigate the college admissions process. She keeps pupils focused and responsible for completing the tasks necessary to apply to universities while helping them to manage their valuable time. We are thankful for her invaluable help and guidance."